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Te Puia

Your guide or artisan in the carving and weaving schools is linked to generations of hosts who have led visitors through Te Whakarewarewa. Share with the Maori people the warmth and generosity of spirit known as manaakitanga, of caring and sharing.

Our stories sit within the hearts and minds of our people - and will be shared by those who guide you through the Institute. The spirit of our land can be seen, felt and heard within the unique geothermal environment of Te Whakarewarewa.


Set amidst a landscape of erupting geysers, hot thermal springs and bubbling mud pools, is the living village of Whakarewarewa. Experience the unique lifestyle of our people in a natural, Maori village setting.

Join us on a tour. View bubbling mud pools and mineral springs where we have bathed for generations. Then from our viewing platform, see the awesome power of the 'Pohutu' and 'Prince of Wales Feathers' geysers.

Waimangu Volcanic Valley

If you're in Rotorua and want to enjoy outdoor activitiy combined with unique ecology, botany and stunning geothermal features, then Waimangu Volcanic Valley and its Lake Rotomahana is the 'must do' experience that you can't go past. In geological terms, Waimangu was created this morning! Experience Frying Pan Lake, the world's largest hot water spring; Inferno Crater with its mysterious geyser action; and Cathedral Rocks which vent billowing clouds of steam and more.